Mission Supports

The congregation of Fellowship Reformed Church partners with various missionaries and mission-minded organizations.  As a partner in the adventure of sharing the Gospel, the church provides prayer, encouragement and financial support.  In addition, periodic mission trips afford an opportunity to visit missionaries “where they are.”  Following, you will discover a partial listing of our missionaries and ministries–including a brief description of their endeavors.  But because of persecution against the Christian Faith, some names and locations must be withheld.

Activation International Ministries (A.I.M.)

A.I.M. is committed to activating and equipping Kingdom leaders who bring forth the fruit of providing Biblically sound, prophetically spoken, and leadership focused training and discipleship to spur on growth, character, and influence in communities around the world.

An Anonymous Couple

We support an anonymous couple ministering in an area where their safety would be compromised if they were identified.

An Anonymous Couple

This couple, serving as Wycliffe translators in a sensitive Southeast Asia country, must remain anonymous for their safety. They lead a team of 60 people from 15 different cultural backgrounds. They are helping each group to develop their own language, and they translate the Word of God into that language.

Keith and Mary Beavon

Keith and Mary are being joined by their children, Josh and Virginia Ham, as they continue to be Wycliffe translators in the West African country of Benin.

Camp Geneva Ministries

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan just north of Holland, Camp Geneva offers camp experiences to young persons of all ages and retreats for teens and adults in order to bring people closer to Jesus Christ or make a first-time commitment to Christ.

Cran Hill Ranch

Cran Hill Ranch, located just east of Big Rapids, offers a ranch-type camp experience for young people of all ages. It also offers retreats for adults and family camping. Their goal is to bring persons closer to Christ and/or make a first-time commitment to Christ.

David’s House

David’s House provides quality care and facilities for adults with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, or mental illness. Being enabled by God, they strive to provide a Christian environment and provide programs that ministers to the whole person.

Disaster Response Team

Fellowship has (and will continue) to send out teams to areas within the United States in response to disasters such as floods and tornadoes.

Kyle and Melissa Donker

Kyle and Melissa long to bring the joy of Christ to the constant influx of college students at Grand Valley State University. They focus on how Christ is glorious, kind, mighty, loving, worthy, righteous, just, fair, and enough. They teach this to students and then send them off to do the same.

East Ottawa Ministries

East Ottawa Ministries provides safe, loving, Christian mentoring relationships for those with special needs. It teaches Biblical principles and gives the students the opportunity to use their gifts and abilities for Christ.

Food Pantry

FRC teams with Love INC in order to provide food for families in our community and to help provide food for other food pantries in our area.

God’s Kitchen

God’s Kitchen offers a loving meal to individuals and families who are in need. Meals are provided seven days a week. FRC helps prepare and serve food once a month and also supplies some of the food for God’s Kitchen.

Ted and Ticiana Gordillo

Guided by Ephesians 4:11-16, Ted and Ticiana seek to provide the Biblical and theological training and resources necessary for believers in Latin America. Through Campus Crusade for Christ International, they train leaders to grow spiritually, accurately handle the Word of Truth, and effectively bring the Gospel to others. They are presently serving at C.R.U. (Campus Crusade) headquarters in Orlando, Florida.  Later in 2017, they will be based out of Ecuador.

Grace Covenant Ministries

Grace Covenant Ministries, formerly known as Jackson County Ministries, bring new life and hope to the poorest areas of the Appalachians through home construction, renovation, Vacation Bible School, trades stores, and family enrichment.

GVSU Campus Ministries (Chris Pieters)

Chris, as campus minister, works with his staff to establish relationships with students who are seeking a Spiritual connection with Jesus Christ. They offer worship services and mission trips.

Josh and Virginia Ham (Central Africa)

Josh and Virginia Ham are involved in Wycliffe Bible translation in Cameroon (Central Africa).  Josh works as a translation consultant to verify the accuracy of Bible translations.  Virginia is studying to also become a linguistic consultant.

Olivia Holt (Nicaragua)

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Olivia works with the churches of Nicaragua to offer medical care, feeding programs, and training in order to help Nicaragua’s most impoverished areas.

HUGS Ranch

Hugs Ranch is located to the SE of Zeeland. It was formed to encourage mental, emotional, physical, and social healing to hurting children and to rescue unwanted and donated horses/ponies by allowing them to share together an experience of Hope, Understanding, Guidance, and Support (HUGS).

Jehovah Jireh Ministries

Located in Hudsonville, Jehovah Jireh distributes food and clothing to area families. This ministry often distributes fresh food given to them by local growers.

Geoff and Tammy Kooistra

Geoff and Tammy engage with H.C.J.B. Radio in Quito, Ecuador. They are committed to spreading the Good News of Christ through the powerful medium of radio.

Habitat for Humanity

A group of FRC volunteers volunteer weekly with Habitat for Humanity to furnish homes for the homeless and low-income families.

LaCasa-Holland and Grandville

Two church starts that are intentionally bilingual—reaching blended families. La Casa Holland is led by Gonzalo Venegas and Jose Duran; La Casa Grandville is led by Jose Rivas.

Lakeshore Pregnancy Center

L.P.C. provides counseling to expectant and post-birth mothers. They provide ultrasounds, clothing, baby supplies, and formula.

Jeff and Chelsea Lampen

Jeff was raised in Vriesland Reformed Church and Chelsea in First Reformed Church of Sibley, Iowa. They serve in Lupeni, Romania with New Horizons Ministry serving underprivileged youth of the area.

Life International (Grand Rapids)

This is a ministry to advance God’s global “life” movement. They attempt to save pre-born lives, heal broken hearts, and proclaim the value of all human life.

Love INC

For over 30 years, Love INC has been mobilizing area churches with the intent of supporting the church in its Biblical mandate to care for the poor in our midst. Through their partnership with local churches and their dedicated volunteers, they are able to provide many of the basic necessities to those coming to them for assistance. They coordinate over 50 different ministries and offer a Life Skills Program that empowers individuals toward authentic life transformation.

Man in the Mirror Ministries (Dale Redder)

Dale Redder serves the West Michigan area in training and providing resources to churches concerning how to minister to and reach men for Christ and then disciple them in Christ.

Mel Trotter Ministries

Mel Trotter is a Christian organization that exists to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ toward the hungry, homeless, and hurting of the greater Grand Rapids area. They want to bring an end to homelessness, one life at a time.

Moriah Ministries (Andy McDaniels)

Moriah Ministries serves the students of GVSU. They help students to grow in their faith, encourages and counsels students, provides life-coaches, and hosts trips to impact the community and world for Jesus Christ.

Omega House (Mary VerWys)

The Omega House is a place for persons to come who have experienced an abortion or unplanned pregnancy and need help, hope, comfort, counseling, and compassion.

Jodi Oppenhuizen

Jodi works with “Word to All International.” She helps address the needs for tools and resources of the people in the Czech Republic. She helps with copyrights of spiritual books in the Czech language. She also serves as a member of the South City Church as she leads English-related outreach classes.

Steve and April Palmbos

Steve and April serve as missionaries with There is Hope in Malawi, Africa. April is the Education Coordinator. She is responsible for monitoring and mentoring all current scholarship students as well as recruiting future candidates. Steve is the Vocational Training Coordinator. He is responsible for recruiting and monitoring all students as well as overseeing the program. Steve also oversees all building projects and maintenance of existing buildings at the There is Hope center outside of Dzaleka refugee camp.

Daniel Penning

Daniel is using his professional training to teach at a university in Western China. This gives him many opportunities to share his faith and disciple young students, such as hosting discussion clubs. He also provides leadership to other foreign Christian teachers and coordinates the outreach on university campuses.

Helena Singh (New Life Center, India)

The New Life Center is home to approximately 250 individuals in Dehradun, India. Among all the gods of Hinduism, the New Life Center is a Christian home. The children are orphans or have parents who cannot afford to raise them. They receive love, care, food, shelter, education, and the love and teaching of Jesus Christ.

Dick and Donna Swart

Dick and Donna have served in Africa since 1986. They are RCA missionaries partnering with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church.  They focus on agricultural development and medical care for the Daasanech people.

Talking Bibles

Talking Bibles is a ministry that records the Word of God in the language of tribes, communities, and areas that can “hear” the Scriptures because they cannot read or have no written language.

Tool Time Ministry

Fellowship sends out crews in order to help build, repair, paint, clean up, and rebuild homes for families in our area who need helping hands. Dozens of these projects take place annually.

Jake Tornga

Jake works for a Christian organization called International Association for Refugees. They are responding to the global refugee crisis by focusing on the long-term recovery of people who have been forcibly displaced from their homes due to war, violence, and persecution. To help achieve this goal, they connect the church 'at large' with local refugee churches in strategic locations around the world in an attempt to strengthen the faith, hope, resiliency, and capacity of all those affected by this crisis. You can learn more about what they do by visiting their website at www.iafr.org

Welcome Home Ministries

This ministry of orphanage care is actively involved in getting adoptive homes for children in Uganda. It shelters 65 children, most of whom have no parents. These children have lost their parents due to AIDS or they have been abandoned. These children are cared for and are available for adoption.